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Hi welcome to Barge bikers which contains Fatman's motorcycle guide and other motorcycling tales . Most of these tales happened during the period 1979-1985 when I was in my early twenties and frequently drank at the Barge public house. It was a meeting place for bikers.The Barge was burnt down in 2011.

THE LINKS in this page are either mouse over sound or video links and require the user to close each new window manually. The mouse over can be a bit tricky and if selected twice, can cause the sound file to play twice. I know this is annoying but trust me it works if your patient.Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear faggots watch out Fatman is about. Warning ! some of language used on the following web pages may be abusive and offensive, If you can't handle a few fucks then log off. 

This page is for Bikers Only and contains material about bikes, if you want big red choppers click here or a lovely pair of jugs click here don't we all.

"it's all about bikes watch the video"

Fatman is the biking guru of England and lives in Cheshire.

Fatman likes chillin with sinner boy - Famous quote from my mate Bruce"It's not a motorcycle it's a chopper baby".

Mouse over the chopper to hear some biker tunes. Once activated I'm afraid it runs until the song ends and there are no controls. If it's not your scene, Man! Refresh F5 for Internet Explorer / Reload Ctrl+R for Mozilla or fuck off Tygers of Pan Tang are brill. First rule of Fatman's World is antagonize your readers, second rule of Fatman's World is antagonize your readers.

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Click on a wheel to link to one of the biking tales or Fatman's motorcycles guide.

Motorcycle guide Motorcycle info Cumbria 1985 Motty's 18th Halloween 1980 White Lion Spanner Boy Carry On Biking One summer
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“I've always wanted a Massive Chopper”

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Something for the Outlaws

Aquilas MCC

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