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Thanks for visiting the site.To allow any of the java scripts to run on this page with I.E, you must [allow blocked content] and type [Yes] to run active content.  It's just I.E being over cautious, silly thing. Some frigid bitch that works as a network administrator might tell you different, fuck off love and have a baby- you know you want to. 

To Join Barge bikers please send a cheque for £10.15 to Alan Nolan C/O The Norton Arms public house, Runcorn(alas the Barge was burnt down 2011) and I will get pissed every night(cheers). Only joking ! that's about the cheque, not the getting pissed every night. This website doesn't endorse or recommend any of the Motorcycling literature available in your shops.

You can enter your name Temporarily here:

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You can enter your bike Temporarily here:

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Press the clear to erase your name & your bike or bus (Crosville rocker)


Brian Blackburn
X7 ,GS1000,GPZ1100,Z500,XT250,LC350,CBR600,TDR250

John Blackburn

Gary Spencer(Spanner)

Mike Peck
Crosville rocker X1/H25 bus to Liverpool

Alan Nolan (nogbad)
GS1000,FZR1000,CBR900, Rf900,ZX900.

Andy Cameron X7
Stephen Lomax (loopy)
Rd 250,cb400/4, Gt 550 chop,Ducati 900,

Chris Mud
Rd 250
Stu Mud
David Rose
DT 100, CB400/4,CB250 superdream

Mike Day
GT550, GS1000, VF1000

Julian Mottram (motty)
KH250,CB750F1,,CB250 superdream,GSX1100R,XJ650,GS850

Julie Sutton
Tail gunner/biker chick

Duggie Rolands
Chris Jones
Phil Day
Kev Royle (Toecutter) RD400
Roz from somewhere near Murdishaw
Yamaha  YB100, XJ650
Today's biker is                

your bike is

Some of the names above are people deceased but they still exist in very happy memories.
If you where part of the bargebiker scene and I've left your name off the list then e-mail me or use the feedback forum. 
To add your name permanently e-mail me at
If you want to include pictures I will upload them to the site gallery. If you want your bike list/name amending or deleting, please feel free to contact me.

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Tommy Noon of Halton FM92.3) and therefore implement a   Righteous Indignation Policy   If you feel this
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The Barge bikers